Join us for Grammy® Award-winner and violinist extraordinaire James Ehnes’ fiery performance of Beethoven’s exquisite Violin Concerto in what promises to be a truly stunning evening.

Ludwig van Beethoven — one of history’s most influential composers — became hard of hearing at age 26. Over the next 30 years of his life he continued to write and play music as his life’s passion. He leaves as his legacy over 70 pieces of highly influential classical music. Beethoven is joined by many other deaf musicians who have made music their life’s work and passion. Deaf musicians come from all different genres, from the rock and roll sound of the all deaf band Beethoven’s Nightmare, to the rapper Sean Forbes whose recent album I’m Deaf was produced by Eminem’s studio 54 Sound. These deaf artists and many others join an ever-growing group of disabled individuals who have a passion for music.