Disability Reports: Fresh Angles — Covering Disability within Education, Employment, Healthcare and Housing

A McCormick Specialized Reporting Institute

The Poynter Institute, Access Living and ADA 25 Chicago invite journalists from all media, both local and national, to apply for a two-day in-depth workshop “Disability Reports: Fresh Angles — Covering Disability within Education, Employment, Healthcare and Housing”

As the Americans with Disabilities Act turns 25, this two-day workshop is designed to provide journalists with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to describe the impact of the law and document where people with disabilities still continue to be excluded.

You’ll Learn:

  • Best practices for gathering data on employment
  • How to examine the education system that prepares disabled people for employment
  • Language etiquette tips
  • How to tell the story of businesses that embrace the spirit of the law
  • How to avoid beginner reporting mistakes
  • Ways to analyze the impact on the economy and the impact the economy has on people with disabilities
  • How to tell the stories of people who have been left behind

The ADA ensures that people with disabilities have equal rights to pursue personal, educational and professional ambitions and to participate fully in public life. It is considered a civil rights milestone. Thanks to the ADA, public transportation, public spaces and communications are now more accessible than ever.

Despite 25 years of progress, people with disabilities still have higher poverty rates, lower employment and poorer educational outcomes than those without disabilities. The promise of full participation and economic self-sufficiency under ADA is unfulfilled.

Learn about the progress being made, but the important work to still be done to advance the goals of this legislation. Find out about how to best cover the issues and stories in an informed way.

Among our speakers:

Joe Shapiro, Correspondent on Investigations Unit, NPR

Gary Arnold, Public Affairs Manager, Access Living

Shannon Heffernan, Reporter and Producer, WBEZ Chicago

Kenny Irby, Senior Faculty, Poynter

This seminar is open to working journalists from any market size or media platform in the United States. We will give priority to some full-time journalists within driving distance who will not need airfare or hotels to attend. We seek a diverse mix of applications from various media, market size and experience.