Educating young adults on the past, present and future of the ADA

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago will present “”The ADA at 25; Where We Are Now” to its Peer Alliance group who are young adults with epilepsy, most of whom were not born when the ADA was signed into legislation, but who may deal with workplace and other discriminatory situations and may not know the rights afforded to them under the ADA.

These adults (age 20-35) may not have been alive when the ADA was signed into legislation in 1990. Although they will be one of the largest segment of the population employed, many do not know their employment rights; many will be in college and many do not know their educational rights extend beyond high school; many do not know that there are protections with physical barriers, telecommunications, housing, transportation, etc.

This mini-workshop is aimed at this population to educate and inform them of their rights in the public sector and prepare and support them.