The Department has completed numerous accessibility improvements of city facilities in 2015 and has plans underway for additional projects in 2016. These include:

Relocation of 120 N Racine to 2045 W Washington (OEMC, DSS and DOB): The renovations are complete. The project scope included ADA toilets on all floors (except 4th floor due to existing mechanical room), signage, countertop heights, interior door hardware, new entry doors with automatic push pads, modernize existing elevators and etc. Work included accessible parking spots (exceeding min. requirements).

Lee Animal, 2741 S Western: The project scope include new accessible entry , entry doors with automatic push pads, accessible aisles inside of pavilions and etc. Future phase of work include new accessible pavilion doors and hardware.

Relocation of DoIT staff to DePaul (333 S State): The project is completed. The project scope included accessible work surfaces, door hardware, millwork, signage and more.

Uptown Health, 845 W. Wilson Ave: The project scope included repairs to existing ADA ramp and replacing existing railing.

CDPH, 333 S. State, 3rd Floor: The project scope included installing new automatic push pads on existing main entry doors.

Pullman Library: The project scope includes installing new ADA signs and automatic push pads on the front doors.

North Park Village, Senior Building: modernize the existing elevators to accommodate accessibility.

Douglas Library: The project scope includes creating an ADA toilet on the first floor and addressing the railing at stairs. Project will also incorporate installing new railing at exterior ADA ramp. Project is anticipated to complete in Q1 ’16.

Woodson Regional Library: The project scope includes new entry doors with automatic push pads. Project is anticipated to complete in Q1 2017.

Homan square roll call room and Command Center: The project scope includes accessible male and female lockers and locker rooms, accessible and operable windows, hardware, signage, and more. The project is in bid & award stages and anticipates to complete in Q1 ’16.

Pipeline project for 2016 include the following projects: making one of the entry on Randolph accessible; ADA improvements at 740 N Sedgwick; new entry doors at Sulzer Library and accessible toilet and locker rooms at 10101 S Stony Island (fleet garage).