On the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Foundation for PM&R (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) has established the Americans with Disability Fund to promote partnerships between physiatrists and individuals with disabilities to improve quality of life and enhance opportunities for personal achievement. The Americans with Disability Fund will support projects that, through collaborations between the PM&R community and the people they serve, will enable individuals living with disabilities to become active, engaged participants in their communities.

The goals of this partnership include: Empowering people with disabilities to become effective self-advocates, participating in and contributing to their communities, and maximizing their quality of life. Educating third-party payers on the most cost-effective therapies that provide the best outcome, maximizing function and quality of life for individuals with disabilities and minimizing the economic cost of care and lost productivity. Educating caregivers on the barriers people with disabilities encounter, including access to appropriate care, education, employment, housing and public transportation. Enhancing the lifelong partnership between the rehabilitation community and individuals with disabilities, to raise community awareness of the contributions and capabilities of individuals with disabilities, and cultivate an inclusive, integrated society.