At Jackalope, they take great pride in their customer service and their patron relations. They are constantly striving to reach higher levels with their customer service amongst audiences especially for front of house. Currently, the entire front of house team at Jackalope is comprised of Jackalope members, and two volunteers per show. During the last few meetings, Jackalope company members have expressed desires to gain more knowledge on how to supply the best experience to patrons with disabilities. Jackalope will be Focusing on staff training on disability awareness over the 2015/2016 Season.

Over the 2015/2016 Season, Jackalope will be organizing workshops and lectures for the staff to feel better equipped on how to best give customer service towards their patrons. This will involve training sessions with Evan Hatfield, the Director of the Audience Experience, that include topics such as: “conversing with patrons who have disabilities”, “offering the most amount of assistance possible”, and “patience with patrons”.

Since Jackalope already has the service of Audio Description and Touch Tours, they are also going to strive to have training sessions on how to facilitate Touch Tours for blind/low vision patrons.