Lookingglass Theatre Company is participating in the ADA 25 for 25 Cultural Access Project, with goals to extend their current offerings into financially sustainable, high-quality accessible programming; expand the audiences that they reach with this programming; and establish a relationship with greater communication and feedback with these audience members.

Lookingglass’ plan for the next eight months is to establish a schedule of programming that can be sustained for all of their future seasons. This means securing financial funding and developing a growing audience that attends their programming regularly. Ideally the audience will grow enough to justify offering multiple captioned and audio described performances per production. This also means collaborating with other accessibility leaders in the community to provide non-conflicting programming to shared audiences, and creating a handbook for future accessibility coordinators at Lookingglass.

Lookingglass hopes to achieve these goals by:

• Exploring new options for their Open Captioned performances, whether that’s locating funding to replace the TDF grant, or finding a more affordable alternative to C2’s professional services.
• Improving the accessibility of their marketing (website, emails, physical mailers specific to accessible performances).
• Establishing guidelines for training new staff in disability awareness and the programming that is offered at the theater.
• Implementing new ways to create a dialogue with their patrons with disabilities.
• Explore the possibility of introducing an autism friendly performance for at least one of their shows per season.


For accessibility information, please visit the Looking Glass Theatre's Accessibility Page.