The People's Pier All Access Plan encompasses a number of initiatives that span customer service training, enhanced way-finding guidance, the development of accessible and inclusive programming and other accessibility improvements and features, including new website functions and the creation of an accessibility and inclusive services guide.

The plan goes beyond ensuring that the newly re-imagined Navy Pier continues to meet ADA standards for places of public accommodation by incorporating new technologies and forward-thinking design principles to allow for both a physical and a social transformation. The goal of the plan is to help the new Navy Pier become a better reflection of the community by making it more attractive for people with disabilities to visit the Pier and providing all people with more opportunities for social interaction and enjoyment of the facility and its offerings.


For accommodations information, please contact Alice Hosty at 312-595-5364 or

Accommodations available at Navy Pier include:

• Accessible parking
• Accessible entrances/exits
• Elevator access

Wheelchair Accessibility Symbol