To commemorate the ADA’s 25th anniversary, Pace will conduct an educational campaign highlighting how accessible public transportation has become in the last 25 years. Pace will showcase accessible service features (lifts/ramps/kneeling buses, audio & visual announcements, mobility device securements, priority seating, travel training workshops, etc.) and how public transportation facilitates inclusion, employment, education and independence for all. Messages may also include helpful tips for other passengers (e.g. pay attention to priority seating designations, do not pet service dogs, etc.). These messages will be delivered through on board print and audio ads, social media posts, website & newsletter coverage, and print materials at the dozens of events Pace will attend this year. Pace will develop campaign messaging points in coordination with its ADA Advisory Committees and Director Karen Tamley, Pace Board Member and Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities. Pace will also partner with the RTA and other local transit agencies to sponsor and participate in the Disability Pride Parade.


Bridget Boarding a Pace Bus