Walgreens is a sustaining partner of the Chicagoland Business Leadership Network (CBLN) newly launched in 2015. As a business-to-business association of companies, CBLN, with the help of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Foundation, will facilitate the creation of workplaces, marketplaces and supply chains where people with disabilities are included. CBLN supports this by convening solution-focused forums to help businesses achieve these objectives.


Walgreens has led the way in inclusive employment practices, including the work of the Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer, Steve Pemberton. In recognition and support of ADA 25 Chicago, Steve is the co-chair of the Steering Committee for ADA 25 Chicago and is involved in many partner events and commitments. Participation has included being a panelist for the Economic Club of Chicago’s First Forum Breakfast on the 25th Anniversary of the ADA, emceeing the Disability Inclusion Opportunity Summit, and writing a guest blog on, which can be found here.